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Design Manufacturing Services
Quality Policy
Environmenftal Responsibility
Joinsoon provides a comprehensive manufacturing service with the most effective and advanced technology available. In one facilities, JEM is able to provide design, tooling, injection molding, cables, connector, SMT/DIP, assembly, product packaging.
Major Equipment
1. Surface Mounting Machine (Panasonic/Fuji).
2. High Speed Surface Mounting Machine (Panasonic/Fuji).
3. Lead-Free Reflow.
4. Wave solder.
The EMS department, currently equipped with approximately 800 employees, has the capacity to manufacture15,000 units per day. Strategically located in Dongguan, China, where all major electronics manufacturers are located, it is able to meet all specific requests such as customized IC chips and all other electronics parts. With the advanced equipment and technology invested in this location, JEM is well able to provide the most competitive pricing for all major components.
Quality Assurance
JEM is certified to ISO 9001:2000 by LRQA. All staffs are not only well trained but also tested to be qualified on every specific task. The key to JEM's quality assurance policy is the preparation and prevention from error to delivery of the best services. All bridge boards have to pass ICT testing and functionality testing before any further process. JEM is committed to meet customer specified requirements to customers’ full satisfaction through continual improvement in manufacturing procedure and service standard.
SMT Productivity
R/C CHIP 1 KK pcs/Day
IC 50 K pcs /Day
DIP + Test : Bridge Board
9 K pcs / 1 shift /Day
18K pcs / 2 shifts/Day
SMT Manufacturing Capability
0603( in. 0201 )Chip.
0.3 m/m Pitch QFP , PLCC , BGA.
Micro BGA / CSP Capacity.
Double PCB / 0.3 ~ 4 m/m thickness PCB.
Lead Free Capacity.
Assembly Productivity
External Enclosure: 15000pcs /1 shift /day
30000pcs / 2 shifts / day
Card Reader﹕25,000 pcs / day
PCB Mounting
DIP + Test : Bridge Board
SMT Reflow
( Lead Free Reflow )
PCB Visual Inspection
DIP insertion (Lead Free)
Testing Line
Integrated test system
Repair Station
Automatic Solder Printer
MPM: UP3030
High Speed Surface Mounting Machine
Panasonic: MPA-I (High Speed)
Fuji: CP643E (Ultra High Speed)
IC Placer (Multi-Purpose Modular Monuter)
Panasonic: MV 2 C-A
Fuji: QP242E
Lead-free Reflow
SEHO: FDS6500(2.7)
JT: GS-600
Production Flow
19F, No.79, Sec. 1, Sintai 5th Road, Sijhih City, Taipei Country 221, Taiwan.
TEL:886-2-2698-4882(REP.)   FAX:886-2-26984883
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