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Environmenftal Responsibility
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JEM is committed to the environment.  As a "green" company, we continue to improve our manufacturing technology. From product development to manufacturing, and during each phase of the product life cycle, JEM and its employees are taking steps to minimize the impact on the environment.

JEM's Environmental Policy

JOINSOON ELECTRONICS MFG. CO., LTD. (JEM)'s vision is to create a company culture with environmental protection as a key element. We have established our environmental policy as an equally important part of our overall company vision and mission.
Eco-friendly, Continuous Improvement, Full-compliance to Regulations

  Implement environmental substance management and make the education process fun and valuable for employees, thus encouraging participation and implementation of our environmental management system.
  With a continuous audit cycle and environmental management review, continuous improvements will be seen as any possible defects are recognized and improved upon.
  Comply with the environmental protection regulations implemented by the Government and show through our ongoing efforts, our commitment to the world that we live in.
JEM RoHS Statements
In each aspect of product design and manufacture, JOINSOON ELECTRONICS MFG. CO., LTD. (JEM) strictly abide by the law and the standards of environmental protection, JEM achieves the standards of the world environmental protection policy. Effective controls are established for material and system regulation. All the products provided by JEM conform to the directive edition revised of RoHS (2002/95/EC), and no hazardous materials will be used.

JEM has established self- certifying laboratories to ensure product quality and to quickly provide product verification and more effective development verification. The content of certification includes environmental characteristics, electric parameters, mechanical characteristics, and characteristics of the high frequency electric parameter laboratory as well as the dependence test laboratory.

Furthermore, JEM has established an ICP chemical laboratory and has purchased inspection equipment for quick monitoring of harmful substances, which allows us to better meet the requirements on harmful substances, such as RoHS, etc.

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