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Quality Policy
Environmenftal Responsibility
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Joinsoon's objective to quality is to do it right at the first time. Prevention and head planning is the key to successful quality control. Therefore, the standard operating procedure for all products is constantly improved by Joinsoon's R/D department. Precisely following ISO-9001's regulation, all documents including the history and the standard operating procedure are securely kept in Joinsoon's document room. Furthermore, as a subcontractor, Joinsoon will precisely follow all instructions from the customers. This is a statement that Joinsoon can guarantee.
Prevention also means a systematic guidance to all vendors. All vendors are carefully selected to provide the best combination of quality and cost efficient. US MIL standards are used in all incoming parts. A grade point system is also given to every vendor. This grade point system will provide guidance to both quality assurance staffs and purchasing staffs.
Constantly monitoring on production lines gives Joinsoon a better edge in providing high quality products. Each production line has several quality personnel in every stage. All products are 100% checked and tested. The check points prevent and narrow quality failure.
Antenna Camber Specification:
Enclosure Interior Dimension:
235cm (W) * 325cm (H) * 700cm (L)
Maximum Quiet Zone Size:
78cm@0.9GHZ, 55cm@1.8GHz, 48cm@2.4GHz, 31cm@5.8GHz, 17cm@18GHz
Amplitude Ripple:
<+/-0.75dB@0.9~1.2GHz; <+/-0.5dB@1.5~2.2GHz;
Chemical analysis and environment protection:
Lead and Lead Components
Cadmium and Cadmium Components
Mercury and Mercury Components
Gravity Meter
Micrograph System
Network Analyzer
Separation Force Analyzer
Thermal Shock Tester
Time Domain Reflector
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